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Since Drake put the first commercial oil well into operation over a century ago, oil field operators have battled with the operational problems and production decline due to accumulation of naturally occurring paraffins and asphaltene on the interior of pipes and vessels. This accumulation restricts the capacity of the pipeline or vessel.

Paraffin and asphaltene concentrations and issues vary from field to field and well to well across the world with a wide range of natural tendencies. This is no different than the range of heavy to light “sweet” crude oils available, nor the presence of even more toxic heavy metals and undesirable hydrocarbons.

The challenge to all operators worldwide is to limit this natural problem and maximize the production of each well.

Paraffin and asphaltene build-up and problems can be similar wherever crude hydrocarbons are present. BioFlo works equally effective in these applications also, including:

Oil Wells

BioFlo was developed as a safer, biodegradable, non-toxic alternative to toluene based paraffin and asphaltene solvents.

Gas Wells

BioFlo dissolves paraffin and asphaltene accumulations in oil and gas wells. BioFlo also inhibits paraffin and asphaltene from forming. It works faster than toluene and xylene based solvents and is biodegradable and non-toxic.

Tanks, Vessels & Tankers

BioFlo dissolves and eliminates tank bottoms and effectively increases the tank’s capacity. Maintenance costs and the impact on the environment are greatly reduced with BioFlo.

Transmission Pipelines

BioFlo dissolves and inhibits paraffin and asphaltene accumulations in oil and gas pipelines. It eliminates the need for mechanical intervention at pressure reducing stations and has no negative effects on oil, gas, or the environment.

Refinery Friendly

BioFlo is “refinery-friendly”. BioFlo actually increases the specific gravity of the crude making it lighter. Unlike toluene and xylene based solvents, BioFlo does not have to be removed before the refining process.

Low Temperature

BioFlo is effective at temperatures as low as -40 C/F. It eliminates the need for heated pipelines and works effectively in the coldest regions on Earth.


BioFlo inhibits the formation of explosive gases during transportation on trucks, railroad tankers, and ships. BioFlo effectively lowers the vapor pressure of crude oil to make it safer for transporting and handling.

Fast Facts

BioFlo is biodegradable, non-toxic, non-caustic, and non-corrosive.



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