To be recognized as the superior total solutions provider to our worldwide customer base for the technologies we serve in the chemicals, water, and oil & gas markets through outstanding customer relations, passionate personnel and profitable business growth.


The Oil & Gas industry has had a long standing desire and need for an effective, fast-acting, biodegradable, non-toxic, high-flashpoint, solvent to reduce or eliminate paraffin and asphaltene build-up in operating wells, pipelines, and tanks.

BioFlo was developed in 1999 to meet or exceed all of these requirements. It has been field tested worldwide in 8 USA states and 10 countries on 4 continents on a variety of producing wells up to 10,000 feet deep.

Today Industrial Systems delivers total customer solutions to our worldwide customer base for chemicals (oil field solvents).

Serving Customers

Industrial Systems offers complete value added solutions in the form of chemical supply, flexible maintenance programs, complete skids for the application of BioFlo, and detailed analysis of paraffin and asphaltene problems in oil and gas wells, pipelines, and storage tanks for customer tailored solutions.

Fast Facts

BioFlo will not contaminate the soil water table.



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