• BioFlo TM dissolves paraffin and asphaltene.

  • BioFlo TM is effective in deep wells.

  • BioFloTM will not contaminate the soil or water table.

  • BioFloTM is not classified hazardous for shipping.

  • BioFloTM works effectively at temperatures down to -40 C/F.

BiofloTM is....

a paraffin and asphaltene solvent and inhibitor for oil and gas wells, pipelines, tanks, and refineries. BioFlo™ has many advantages over competing products. BioFlo™ works faster than toluene and xylene based solvents and is biodegradable, non-toxic, non-caustic, non-corrosive, and refinery-friendly.

Environmentally Friendly

BioFlo™ is an environmentally friendly alternative to toluene based solvents. BioFlo™ biodegrades naturally and is not hazardous for employees to handle. BioFlo™ will also not contaminate the soil or water table.

Minutes, not Hours

BioFlo™ dissolves paraffin and asphaltene in mere minutes. Other competing solvents can take several hours to fully dissolve paraffin and asphaltene accumulations.

Refinery Friendly

It does not have to be removed before the refining process. In fact, BioFlo™ actually improves the quality of the crude by increasing the specific gravity making it lighter and of higher quality.